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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome to our snowbirds and new owners and residents!

Century Village in West Palm Beach is probably the best place to retire to.
We have it all for a great "price" .And you know what all is, entertainment, clubs/ organizations,film, health club,indoor pool and outdoor pools, tennis, racquet ball, shuffle board, pickle ball, , library, card room, billiards and on and on.
Now in this new winter season we also have the best weather.
I come to the heart of my post: this is your home and mine. I'm asking you to take pride in CV. 
Pride meaning keeping all areas clean, not only your private space, but all common areas. Keep the speed limit for everyone's safety including yours.  Be a courteous driver and stop for pedestrians. Say,"hello, good morning, good eve" to everyone you pass by. It doesn't hurt. 
Remember getting annoyed or angry at your neighbor only effects your physical health, which you care about, so you can live here a long and healthy time.And if you live here all year 'round you can also read this. 
Let's keep Century 5 star living place it is.


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  1. Good thoughts and actions Ruthie. Community is a place where people band together to thrive, share, and survive. We are CV community.


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