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Friday, November 14, 2014

Answer To Esther

Esther that is your name. My name is Grace. Only the closest of friends call me Gracie and you are not. You use that name to make some kind of a point that only your small brain knows. You obviously did not understand what I wrote and answered in lies about what I said. My remarks about the paving were, there was a town meeting with the paving company. The man from the paving company told us that if we paved over the cracks, they would eventually come back. I guess you didn't bother to attend or you were not a resident at that time. He was very clear that any person could understand. It went to the Delegate assembly and the delegates voted the cheaper cost to cover the cracks and low and behold they came back. Do your homework before you make charges! Esther, you are no queen!


  1. Hi Grace,

    Please note, nothing on either malcontent BLOG is worthy of response.

    Dave Israel

  2. There truly seems to be mental health issues involved with the folks on the other two blogs. They tell bold faced lies and cannot respond when confronted with the truth. They just change the subject to pond scum or bad landscaping at Dover A, B, C or some other silly topic that they blame Dave Israel for. They are really crazy people.


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