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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Answer to Esther

 How dare you write on your blog that I called you anti-Semitic names. I also never called you a staggering drunk, a liar, until now, and thief. I am now calling you, Esther, a liar. I wrote on your blog that I think you are one of the nastiest people around and enjoy calling others names as you call me a moron. Yes there is a federal law against hate speech. Well reread your blog and see what hate is as you seem to spew it out. If, as you say, I am a moron, name calling, then all I can say to you is, it takes one to know  one.


  1. It does seem as if Esther and her small entourage enjoy causing havoc wherever they set their sights. Must be hell living in her building.

  2. I still don't understand why this blog is advertising Olga's blog? Get a grip people!


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