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Saturday, November 8, 2014


Below is a post from Elaine that if followed, would stop the silly and ignorant disruptions at Delegate Meetings (and maybe J. Karpf's demented Nazi salutes too).  It makes GREAT sense.  Just read it.

IMHO. The Delegate Assembly is a Board of 300+ Directors, it is their job to judge motions, projects, and plans for serving the village. These items have been researched and thoroughly vetted by UCO committees, Officers, and Executive Board. The Delegate Assembly deals with ideas that have been polished and refined.

There may be people with fantastic ideas, but they need to go thru the process. Do not fling ideas at the Delegates without backup and full of unverifiable claims. That only causes confusion and wastes time.

If you have a brand new idea for the village, please DO NOT bring it untested to the Delegate Assembly. Go to UCO where there is a great experience base and the historical searchable database, most ideas are not new. When the idea is properly organised the UCO system will move the idea/plan to the Assembly. Then maybe we can finish on time.
Also spare us from historical regurgitation and whining, we understand some people have unique sensitivities but we should not waste the time of hundreds of residents.

In plainer terms, if you have not bothered to prepare, read, listen, or attend meetings to gather information, the Delegate Assembly is not the place to go to square one with elementary questions, and a lot of whining about having the right to speak and demonstrate your ignorance.


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