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Friday, November 21, 2014

Question about Guest Passes etc

There is a teenager who has been living in Century Village for over a year now. Officially the condo is rented by the parents but they live elsewhere and the teenager lives here, transforming the condo into a college dorm with all the shoot-them-up games that resonate all around. They are cheating and they know and have been warned, but... my question, though, is:

how can a teenager obtain a pass that allows him/her to roam around the Village at will and also reside full-time in the Village?

Apart from jumping the fence, he/she has to go through the gates.

Is there such a thing as a yearly pass for guests?
Are there temporary passes that can be extended indefinitely?
What part do the transponders/stickers play in this? Can a teenager, who is using a car with a transponder/sticker obtained  by the parents, slip through the gates EVERY DAY, and, at times, more than once a day, without raising flags?

I understand passes are source of income but I believe that they are primarily and exclusively issued to protect the Villagers who are entitled to live here from those who are not.


  1. I believe that your president and board are to blame. They allowed this teenager to obtain a pass. Your association should take the president and board to task and get rid of this teenager and maybe vote in a new president and board.

  2. This is what happens when the bldg. assoc. has no rule about allowing guests/teenagers to reside in the absence of the owner/renter. Secondly, the board president can request that UCO does not issue a gate pass to this teenager and in the meantime, revoke this pass at the gate. Further, getting rid of the renter is easier than ridding the assoc. of an owner.


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