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Thursday, November 6, 2014


This was a good way to see how well UCO has been running for some time now.  We don't get garbage slanted versions of what happened from Dave Israel haters on other blogs.

Some questions:

Why has the Southampton fence been delayed?    Well it seems the Boards at Southampton A, B and C do not have a clue as to their property lines.  This has been a years long problem.  NOT a UCO problem--a Southampton problem.  The Southampton deeds are a mess and their pool was installed without a county permit (no record of it). Is this a UCO problem?  NO, its a Southampton problem.  Where was the Board there all these years??  PB County will not permit a fence until these issues are resolved. 

Concerned with under 55 people living at CV?  Why not publish online the Associations (NOT UCO, the Associations) who rent or sell to under 55.  This is NOT a UCO issue.  It is an Association issue You can follow the under 55 trail easily to some of the Stratford Area Associations and some of the Norwich Area Associations and to others.

UCO is doing very well.  No money shortfalls.  Money in reserves.  Listen to the video recordings.

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