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Sunday, November 16, 2014

to trash or not to trash.

I received a complaint today, and actually doubt that too much can be done about it, but here goes anyway. The person spoke to me of the people that go around Dumpster diving.
The objection was in two parts, first was the hour of the dive... apparently around 11:30 pm. A man with a pickup going around diving in the dumpster, taking apart old furniture for the metal in it. He gave this person a fright and she apparently yelled for him to depart or she would call 911.
The second was that the person was diving in GARBAGE. Is there any legal way to stop this disgusting behavior?
Any suggestions?


  1. The solution, Bob, is to ENCOURAGE RACCOONS as the more progressive condo associations do. You see, if you have raccoons regularly foraging around in your dumpster in the evening, chances are they'll give anyone dumpster diving a good scare. If they jump out and land ON the person, all the better. You can be pretty sure that person--whether the guy with the pickup truck or your beauty queen--will never go back to THAT dumpster.

  2. Hi Bob Et-Al,
    I have sent in an article about this and other issues regarding Security. My concern is identity theft, if personal information has
    been discarded without proper precaution.

    Invest in a quality crosscut shredder, so that all the dumpster diver recovers is small un-exploitable particles.

    Dave Israel

  3. I have a better idea. Let's put Olga and Esther in charge of dumpster patrols. Both are EXPERTS on all things garbage.

  4. While I have no fondness, for the oppositions stand on many subject, my comments here in no way had anything to do with either side of the political arena and has no place with the subject at hand. Be civil. I may not always agree with the things said or done, but respect ANYONE's right to express themselves when done right. Picruise, sorry, but that was uncalled for.

  5. I will always try to be civil, but you need to direct your view elsewhere as Olga and Esther are vile people who malign you, me and many others without regard to anyone or anything. Wake up, my friend.

  6. Unfortunately I believe the truck driver that drives around collecting metal lives in my association. I am waiting to take a picture of his truck filled with scrap metal and will report him as our by laws state you cannot run a business from your condo. He does not speak English.

  7. Hi Grace. Yes, there are a couple of Spanish speaking guys in a red pick up truck circling my area too. We had an issue as they once lived in the Association next door, but we had some discussions with our lawyer and the one condo board member the other Association has (its only one)and the guys were ejected from that building some months ago. Sorry they landed near you!

  8. Actually there are 2 trucks, 1 Red
    the other White,PBSO is aware of
    their activities..The Red one,
    actually stole 1 of our bike racks,
    removing it from our property.
    On anther occasion I saw both trucks
    pull up in front of another bldg.
    (I was behind them) They appear to
    be middle age...

  9. The red truck driver lives in my association. The white truck I was told is the son who was living here but seems to have moved to another association. He does not speak English as far as I know. They are from South America. You could have had the one in the red truck arrested if you actually saw him stealing.


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