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Friday, December 5, 2014


Residents and Delegates, come to Delegate Assembly Friday, December 5, 2014.
Vote yes on all three Wi-Fi motions

WI-FI Bulletin 0001 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.


  1. Last night I watched the video of Dave Israel’s appeal to delegates to attend next Friday’s delegates meeting and vote Wi-Fi in. Then I watched the video of the officers’ meeting in which the matter of a disturbance by the Wi-Fi opponents came up and whether to have the sheriff’s deputies (PBSO) at the delegates meeting.

    The opponents of Wi-Fi have every right to urge their supporters to attend and vote at this crucial meeting, just as Dave has the right to call for Wi-Fi support on his blog. What the opponents do not have a right to do is disrupt the meeting as members of this group have done in the past.

    At the officers’ meeting, after some discussion, it was decided to not have a PBSO presence at Friday’s delegates meeting. I was sorry for this decision, for given the track record of the oppositionists, I think it is owed to the delegates—and to Dave, who must run the meeting—to have the police present. I was also saddened that in the discussion, no one asked Dave, “What would YOU like?” It became apparent what Dave favored when the discussion time ended and Dave himself moved that the PBSO be engaged, but his motion did not even get a second.

    Maybe the oppositionists will behave themselves. I would like to think so, but I have seen little evidence of this. I remember a couple of years ago when Dan Gladstone went on a tirade, and when the Village guards came in to escort him out of the meeting, he wouldn’t budge and claimed they could not lay hands on him. If I recall correctly, the meeting was adjourned at that point, earlier than it would have been. We had a similar situation later, and at the last (November) delegates meeting Ed Grossman and Jerry Karpf were ordered to leave the meeting, and a fracas ensued with one or more people nearly getting injured.

    I think it is owed not only to the delegates and our moderator (Dave), but also our Village guards (who must stand by woodenly if an ejected person resists), to have PBSO presence, especially at a meeting of such significance. In my opinion, the oppositionists need to prove their compliance with the rules of order over a period of time.

  2. I agree with Lanny. We should have the police at the Delegates Assembly. David's enemies try to disrupt the meetings every month. It is getting a bit old but that is reality we have to live with. A sheriff would make some of the difference. I am not sure all the difference. The money would be well spent.

  3. Agreed. We need the deputies on a regular basis. And ANY current UCO Officer who votes against that option should be voted OUT of office at the earliest possible time.

  4. I should have added this, which anyone watching the officers’ meeting video would see. At the outset of the discussion on disruptions at delegates meetings, Dave did say he was seeking THEIR opinion on whether to have PBSO at the December 5 meeting. The matter is a judgment call in my opinion. I have great respect for the UCO officers and appreciate all the work they do on our behalf. I only wish in this instance they had thought to ask Dave “What would you like?” It cannot be easy moderating these meetings. Personally, I would be for having a quiet (and it has been quiet in the past) PBSO presence at delegates meetings until the disrupters have exhibited a more respectful behavior for a number of meetings.

  5. It is very important thst the three motions being presented to the Delegates be concise,allowing for no ambiguity.


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    Blogger Grace said...

    Having WiFi village wide will be a boon to the village as it will help to keep the selling prices up. Having WiFi is always a selling point. I am already WiFi and will vote yes. It is great, I can take my lap top anywhere in my condo and log on. Vote yes for WiFi and help keep the village up to date and vibrant!

  7. Having the wifi in our village is a good goal. Take a look at this article from the New York Times : A Village Has What All of Italy Wants: The Internet


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