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Friday, December 5, 2014


Delegate Assembly 12-5-2014 Part 1 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.
Delegate Assembly 12-5-2014 Part 2 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.
Delegate Assembly 12-5-2014 Part 3 from David B. Israel on Vimeo. -Delegate Assembly 12-5-2014 Part 4 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.
Dave Israel


Plcruise said...

This was an extremely disappointing meeting--one of the worst in many years. Many attending the Delgate meeting showed an extreme lack of even basic preparation for the issues to be discussed--letting a few crazy vindictive people prance around the room inciting confusion. We are not ready for Wi Fi, it seems. We are probably not ready for continued self government here either. A very sad situation.

David Israel said...

Hi Peter,
December 5, 2014 at 11:53 PM,

"Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite"

Today's meeting was an exercise in orchestrated disruption.

As usual, the Malcontents contribute nothing, no signal; only noise!

Dave Israel

Bob Rivera said...

Money was voted on and collected to fund WiFi and is now to be turned over to the general reserves. I feel now that they were collected under false pretenses and should be refunded WITH INTEREST.

Marc said...

The apology from Jerry Karpf was the right thing to do

David Israel said...

Hi Marc,
December 6, 2014 at 9:07 AM,

Yes, until he started to try to justify his apology based on "fighting for our rights"!

Dave Israel

BocaRatonic said...

Given the spotty performance, unreliability and droppy connections that we get at on the Village Wi-Fi system at CVW in Boca Raton from the vendor that you selected, the delegates may have done you a big favor.

Wait for the technology and bandwidth cost to improve.

Lanny Howe said...

The disorder at the delegates meeting was terrible. Dave Israel is to be commended for handling it as best he could. Someone suggested to me that the delegates may have been taking their cue from all the rioting now on TV. Whether it was orchestrated to some extent, I do not know, but I do think the delegates were weary of the prolonged debate over campus-wide Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi Committee put a lot of effort into looking into Wi-Fi and, I believe, deserve our thanks.

But the delegates have spoken—at least for now—and I think we should respect their decision. Time may tell if it was a wise choice. Even if campus-wide Wi-Fi had won, if it had done so only narrowly, I am not sure I would have been too happy. Especially when it’s a big project at stake, it’s best if there js not a large displeased minority opposed to a decision. It’s best to have consensus on things if at all possible. Now we need to live together, hopefully in harmony, which to my mind is the most important thing.

As for Jerry Karpf’s apology, I believe it was heartfelt and I commend him for it. I never felt it was as bad a thing as some made out, for he didn’t do it as if in any sense he SUPPORTED Hitler.

My condolences on these two recent passings, that of Phil Shapkins’s dear wife Barbara and that of our beloved Roberta Fromkin.

Plcruise said...

We should have had PBSO there. The UCO Officers--NOT Dave Israel--who did NOT support that move at the last officers meeting are, to say the least, a few cans short of a six pack.

Norma said...

David, I feel bad for all who worked so hard on the Wi-Fi committee. They are to be commended. David, why did you not listen to the people when they wanted a role call vote? I think we would of had a better chance passing this. People got angry and didn't vote.

jangor802 said...

I was fortunate enough to be on a cruise last week, so I just had an opportunity this morning to view the video of the last Delegates' Meeting. Just a few observations: unless you are very new to Century Village, you would know that village-wide WI-fi is a hot topic here. For that reason, it seems unreasonable to allow only 5 pro/5 con statements. I think that more time should have been anticipated for comments. The desire to comment was at the root of much of the disorder. Secondly, something has to be done about the voting procedure. I am happy to see that thought has been given to bringing in or creating a more efficient system. It seems counterintuitive to say we need to enter the 21st C with wi-fi, but are holding up pieces of paper for voting on important issues . That being said, I feel the officers, especially Mr. Israel, did their best to control the situation. The Bid Committee has, obviously worked very hard on the selection process. I appreciate the meetings being available for view. It keeps me informed when I am in NY and, allows me to see judge for myself what appears on a blog and what has actually happened.

Plcruise said...

The voting was NOT accurate. The counters were completely confused as to who or what to count. I asked the guy counting on the stage left and he was not sure what motion was being voted and did not record any pro Wi Fi votes as he proceeded up the rows (I watched closely). As someone who was THERE, the meeting was out of control and Dave's fellow UCO officers, the ones that are not trying to stab in him the back continually--you listening Ziccardy et al. --just sat there offering no support. A very bad scene and it will be continued in January if PBSO is not present.