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Monday, December 29, 2014

Tetro vs O'Brien

May I suggest that Mrs. Tetro meets with Mr. O'Brien to clarify some of the issues she brings on the other blog. Like most residents I am not an accountant. Some of the issues she raises might be legitimate. I don't know. Her way of going at it mudies the process and leads some to believe that the purpose here is to delay passing of the budget until the snowbirds are gone......but keep on paying. So please, get together and discuss these important matters in a constructive way.  Andre Legault


  1. In this corner--the amazing Tetro! In the other corner, the wild Irish O'Brien! No illegal holds, please! 10 rounds and come out swinging! Bets at the window, ladies and gentlemen.

  2. Hi Andre,

    The postings by Ms. Tetro, are pure provocations.

    She is a non-professional in the field of finance, and her statements are to be given no weight.

    Dave Israel

  3. When Dorothy was first elected she got up before the delegates and said, "I know nothing about this but George, then president, will tell me what figures to put on what lines." Very happy she is no longer our treasurer.


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