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Monday, December 1, 2014

We Are Suing Ourselves

To answer Gary on the other blog that we are not suing ourselves. Should we win this lawsuit of yours the insurance company pays out a sum of money.  The next premium year they up the insurance premium to recoup that money or cancel our insurance so we are left to look elsewhere for more expensive insurance as all insurance companies will know about the payout. That is how insurance works. They never lose!


  1. That is true Grace. Not sure that this fact will make a difference with the nuts on the other blogs though. Insurance was also a MESS at CV until Dave Israel took over and put Toni S. in charge of it.

  2. Hi Grace,
    The law suit is clearly styled against me personally, and UCO.

    Since all owners are members of UCO, clearly Karpf and Solomon who are both owners, are suing themselves.

    Very clever, and according to Esther, soon money will be flowing into our pockets, because that is what Insurance is for!! Oh wow! What advanced vocabulary, not to mention a Pulitzer example of expository writing.

    Alert the media.

    Dave Israel


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