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Friday, January 2, 2015


Marked by the return of our Resident lawyer simulator, and of course the "Usual Suspects"; the Malcontents crashed a perfectly good and well constructed UCO budget for 2015.
So, let's start a box score for the Village and the rest of the world to see:
1) Wi-Fi -crashed.............................Mob 1  CV 0
2) Budget (attempt 1) - crashed..........................Mob 1 CV 0
Total....... Mob 2 CV 0
Do tell, what is being accomplished?

Dave Israel


  1. We are showing the world that CV seems incapable of self government.

    The Delegate Assembly is becoming (has become) a useless exercise in shouting, screaming and demented behavior.

    When UCO Bylaws are rewritten, why not just eliminate this monthly mob scene--although some people seem to enjoy the insanity and chaos as a break from Matlock reruns on TV on Friday mornings.

  2. David
    In actually,had the "General Expense" portion been submitted
    in advance of yesterday's DA,meeting (when it was first questioned,)all of this would have
    been avoided.
    One cannot at the "Last moment"
    distribute material and expect a vote at the same session...
    We all are not "asleep" I for one
    do not support any group and resent being linked to one..furthermore, the Treasuer's attitude needs considerable improvement..he should not have run for the Office, if he could not deal with the public, in a reasonable manner. From all accounts he seems to resent anyone questioning his proposals...No one
    wants to hear "Come into the Office"...if that was their desire,they would have done so!

  3. I was at the same meeting as Bettie L. and I saw nothing wrong with the way our Treasurer handled himself. This is the way that the budget voting has always been handled but without the nonsense that went on yesterday. I believe that we need a hired policeman at all our Delegate Assembly meetings to handle the nonsense brought about by some people whose only motive is to disrupt the meeting.
    May I also suggest that Ed Grossman buy himself a belt so he won't have to pull up his pants when he stands up.

  4. Grace:
    Budgets are not "split" they are
    either accepted in it's entirety
    or rejected...and since this was
    not presented the correct way,it was "Voted Down"
    As for "Hired PBSO" Had you attended the Officer's meeting, you could have expressed your view. Actually, David, was NOT
    in favour of doing so, nor was the
    majority of the Bd. Furthermore, if "Robert's Rules", were follow, we would not be having this conversation...As for the Treasure's attitude, I stand by my
    original post.

  5. Wake up BettieL! Some of the current UCO officers are part of our problem at CV. Don't continue to oppose Dave and sit like a lump at the delegate mob meeting.

  6. PL_ I've been "AWAKE" since I first became "involved" many moons ago..As a "Free" thinker, I will not be cocered by anyone,should their values not meet mine,which those who know me,are aware of,including Dave. My actions speak lounder,than your pathetic posts.
    Perhaps you will introduce yourself at the upcoming Volunteer's Appreciation luncheon
    which I happen to chair,or the Transportation Comm.that I have
    served on since Claudette LaBonte
    was chair, or the Security & Ins.
    Comm. (past Sectry on Security
    & Transportation)
    ..I certainly do not know you from the UCO Reporter,which I served on for 3+ yrs.,almost forgot, my being appointed to the ExBD,for 1
    term,by Dave...elected to serve for 2 more..
    Sitting like a LUMP?, I think not!
    I do not need to REPEAT anyone's
    views..Their are Pros & Cons to each situation, and I VOTE MY ASSOCIATION'S DECISIONS on each and every issue!
    When it comes to Finanial/construction matter's,I happen to be very well versed!!!

  7. Dearest Bettie: You seem very upset, probably since you were terminated from the UCO Reporter you are mad at the world. Try to calm down and be sensible. You don't want to end up as bad as Esther and company. PL

  8. PL - So sorry to disappoint you.
    Only Members of my family have the priviledge of Upsetting me..I don't chose to waste my time or energy on anyone else. Once more,which committee do you serve on? I would suggest you put your efforts elsewhere, where it would do much more than your constant criticism on this blog....

  9. Dear Bettie: We have way too many committees at UCO loaded with well meaning but unqualified people who should be enjoying their retirement doing something else. We need to drop these committees and hire professional management.

  10. PL I agree with the statement of
    "Well meaning/unqualified" .
    Professional Management is the only solution...Have a nice evening.

  11. Turning the village over to so-called professional management will accomplish many things... one of them will be to make dues so high that all those people that some are crying poverty and can't afford a 25 cent raise without changing to catfood for meals, will have to sell and move away. This is a small city, and the cost of hiring management is ludicrous. I doubt that the lower 25% can afford it.
    Some in this village seemed to think they are privileged. Some think that just because someone is a renter, that they do not care about what goes on in this village. Both are wrong! There are many renters that not only care, but volunteer in UCO. More than I can say for a lot that say they should not be there. At least they do something other than bitch and moan. As for the ones that think they are privileged, well, you are not. fact is, unless you are paying for a show and have a ticket with your seat number on it, there are no assigned seats in the auditorium and for one delegate to want another to move because they sit it a particular seat "11 months out of the year", well guess it wasn't your month.

  12. Every other CV has "Professional
    Management" which appears to be
    able to handle Adminstrative matters,along w/their "Advisory or
    Bd of Director's" consisting of resident owner's, who above all have a VESTED interest.Many renter's do contribute their time,for reasons known only to them,in addition there are those who receive public assistance..for what ever reason...Yes, I am 1 of your "Priviledged" ones, our
    lives ( My late Husband & I) made
    every effort to continue educating each other ,our family,strong work ethics,service to our community and most fortunately investments for our future..
    As for "Priviledged" seating at
    the's actually called "Respect" for those who over the yrs. make every effort to be in attendance each month..seated in the first 12 rows, reserved for
    Delegates only! ( The instance you referred to,though you chose wisely not to "Name Names") occured due to one's first exposure to a DA meeting,as an Interested Resident or DA accompanied by a "Guest"
    My First EXPOSURE as a New Owner.12 yrs ago, held in the Party room...sat in the middle, to
    listen & absorb all of the issues on hand,continued doing so, in season,until I became a full time resident and subsequently delegate. I "Respected" and still do those that reschedule their personal lives,on the 1st Friday of the Month!

  13. Betti, since you outted yourself, The person you so rudely spoke with was in fact A DELEGATE. And your name STILL WAS NOT ON THE SEAT. And you are not privileged any more than anyone else in the auditorium. Get off your high horse. You are no better than anyone else. I had to move to a different seat because you kept on being rude with those people. That delegate quit after your little show. I would suggest you come earlier if you want a particular seat or keep your mouth shut and don't start an argument in the middle of the floor when YOU WERE WRONG!

  14. Bob:
    Since you seem to be familiar with
    the Delegate,and her Guest,no doubt with your influence could
    convince her to return.
    Strange, those who sat in front of me,were not in the slightest must have exceptional adddition to your vocabulary, behaviour and
    disposition,which many of us have had the misfortune of being exposed to.... In conclusion I strongly suggest you "Take your own advice"!


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