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Saturday, January 3, 2015


This is UCO's 33rd year and look what we've accomplished. we now have delegates who believe we should eliminate committee meetings, ignore the Officers meetings and Executive Board meetings and just permit anyone to come before us and tell you how to vote with less than a complete understanding of the facts. 

The last meeting one delegate, forgetting how he said what a great job our Treasurer,  Howard O'Brien, had done in the proposed budget meeting held in room C, encouraged and voted no on the budget presented.

Another delegate, who also voted no, encouraged we "opt out" of part  of the budget that remains in effect, because we failed to approve the budget.

Seems like those that won't volunteer want to run things using any shortcut to undermine the hard work of many volunteers and delegates that come to meeting to "participate in the process of evaluation and recommending" to the Assembly.
The next step would be to have Delegate Assembly meetings evaluate and consider all things. We could bring invoices to the Assembly to seek approval, even though the Vendor's work was evaluated by the committee, bid committee, Officers and the Executive Board. We might breach our contracts, but that is the cost of the few trying to micromanage, without participating at the committee level where this belongs.


  1. Ed you call a spade a spade ,thank you. You have a skin an inch thick to put up with these jackasses. Its a shame these people don't use reason to there thinking.

  2. Hi Marc,
    January 4, 2015 at 7:23 AM,

    Following is the text of an Email sent to me by a unit owner that says it all:
    In your desire to have an open and free democratic discussion on the budget, three gentlemen purposely derailed the meeting. It became obvious to me that there was not going to be a rationale debate on the topic at hand but a tirade of innuendo and insults directed at you and your administration. The meeting resolved into an Irish donnybrook and nothing was accomplished. I assume these personalities are familiar to you and the rest of the board. They in effect are not allowing you and your board to govern in an effective manner.
    I believe you and your board must do something to prevent the continuing saga of disruption. Maybe you should have a strong parliamentarian or a sergeant at arms that should deflect the barrage of nonsense that is taking place and have them escorted out of the meeting if they do not respect meeting decorum .
    I do not know how you and your board can put up with this meaningless nonsense (crap).
    Cheers for better days
    Dave Israel

  3. Ah yes. The demented mobsters ruined another delegate meeting again.

    Ed and Dave-- please consider revising the present UCO structure. It was originally born out of the mess of a divided CV in the 1980s and early 90s and solved some problems back then. However, UCO as it stands now is not workable.

    There are really too many people volunteering at UCO without the experience or ability to run this place. Many UCO functions should be contracted out to private companies who are competent to run those areas.

    We do NOT need a monthly mob scene of delegates and other people that can barely run their own associations.

  4. And PS.

    Esther should NEVER be allowed on any committees.

  5. looking at the delegate meeting on Friday was totally discussing. Anyone who wants to run for election has got to be out of their mind. To put up with such ABUSE is totally insane. It is going to become to a point that there will be NO ONE who will want run…God forbid. Same OLD people ruin every meeting. Instead of acting CIVIL and DISCUSSING in a proper fashion., it ends up these certain people….. for lack of a better word….Destroying not one but every meeting.
    If these so call people find that there is some wrongdoing, then let them bring it to the authorities for in investigation instead of abusing the administration.
    I can't believe how ignorant some people can be.
    If they think they can administer better then let them run for office but in the meantime be respectful.

  6. Dave…I find it hard to believe how you and the members of the administration put up with the abuse you and they take. Keep the faith. Hopefully things will get better

  7. I believe we need to have a sheriff at the future Delegate Assembly meetings and when people become too disturbing they get escorted outside for the remainder of the meeting.


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