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Friday, January 30, 2015

UCO Contractuals

With regard to the various contracts UCO has entered into on our behalf, such as Transportation,
Ambulance Service etc., billed to each Association, whose property manager's then apportions our
cost, based on square footage of one's unit...What in heaven's name does the square footage have to do
with the service provided?  We don't receive any additional services because of it.....
If it was based on occupancy, we have several 1 bedroom units occupied by 2 persons., as well as
2 bedrooms by 1....I am not aware of any 2 bedrooms, occupied by 3 persons, however, the law does
permit that...Can anyone provide an answer, other than " That's the Way it's always been done"
Again, my reference is to UCO.....Thank you...


  1. Hi Bettie,
    It's about your percentage of ownership in your Association and was set by the Developer from day one.

    Please see my Post on this matter.

    Dave Israel

  2. Hi Bettie,
    The 2014 budget for my association shows the breakdown of items included and the dollar-and-cents amount levied on each type of unit per item. The amounts vary (the larger units paying more) except in two categories, Cable and UCO Ambulance. For some reason each unit, no matter its size, pays the same for AMR (American Medical Response) coverage and Comcast. At least that is so in my association.

    With some items (for example, electricity, insurance, building maintenance, irrigation, pest control) I can see why the bigger units pay more; with others it is less clear. But I'm sure the developer, without a crystal ball to see into the future, must go by some kind of overall averages for condos. And perhaps more to the point, association budgets vary. Some don't break down the items to the extent our association does; in fact the breakdown of our budget has changed over the years.

  3. My bldg. association pro-rates Ambulance and I believe that is an item that should be the same in each assoc. The only thing equal across the board is Cable which was determined many years ago.

  4. Again, this topic has NOTHING to do with UCO or Dave Israel. It does show that many (most?) of the residents of CV do not understand the corporate set up of CV, WPRF, or even their own Association.


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