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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I need to answer a few of Esther's bashing our UCO people and how they are managing our village. She remarked facilities being closed for a long period of time. She must have never had to get a work permit. They take time to get. Two of the pools have been renovated beautifully, one after the other, Dorchester and Hastings. There may be others in the works that I don't know about. As for the crumbling roads. She must be driving on the swales. The roads I am driving on are not crumbling away. Yes they have cracks that we were told would come back as we went cheap on paving over cracks. I drive through the village and think how pretty it still looks (I first came to the village in 1971 when my mom lived in Wellington B.)


  1. You are correct Grace. Esther has no problem making things up to suit her nasty antagonism toward UCO. She conflates and misdirects with the best of history's creeps. I see she is going to try election again with the UCO Executive Board. G*d help us all if that happens!

  2. I haven't read the opposition blogs now for over two months, but I understand from others that they continue with their bashing, as you say, Grace. For those who want to bash, there will always be things to find fault with. It's very easy, and it's easier still when you're out of office.

    What's harder is to promote and encourage good working relations with entities such as WPRF and the vendors we deal with. This doesn't mean to let these organizations walk all over you, but it does mean to realize that they are human and have their difficulties from time to time. It pays dividends to have good relations if you possibly can with one's neighbors and the businesses one deals with. You often get a BETTER job from them, and both parties enjoy life more. And the time often comes when you can use a favor from one of these parties. Having had good relations with you, they are often more than happy to help.

    From what I've seen, Dave Israel's UCO administration has cultivated good working relations and reaped good results.

    Who wants to be always griping, always finding fault, always pointing the finger, and always filing lawsuits? This is no way to live, especially in our senior years.

  3. Yes Lanny. I see the wanna be queen Esther can't even tell the difference between you and me when she insults and bashes. That would be a wonderful person to have on the UCO EB right?!? Keep this silly woman and the six other retreads running OFF the UCO Board and AWAY from anything to do with our lives at CV.

  4. Do you mean, Plcruise, that Esther is mistaking you for me or vice versa? I suppose that could be, as we live in very close proximity. Poor you! You have my sympathy! I shall have to make it up to you somehow!

  5. I still don't get it , why do you answer a political loser? Ignore her, don't give credence to anything she says by responding to her bs. Get a grip people!!!!


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