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Monday, February 23, 2015


Malcontent Candidates Forum – another exercise in disruption
First of all it should be noted that the Malcontent Candidates Forum, is an utter nonsense event, not sanctioned by UCO, the Election Committee nor the Nomination Committee. The election, after all, is a UCO Election. It is my sincere hope, that no serious candidate will attend this ersatz fiasco.
So, what do I mean by a serious candidate, simple, one with experience, intelligence and a track record of service to the Community. Following, in my opinion are the serious VP candidates in our March UCO Election:
For Vice President
Ed Black
Barbara Cornish
Fausto Fabbro
Two of these, in my opinion should be elected, based on a proven track record of concern for our Village, and a high level of knowledge and experience.
Now, let’s look at the candidates for Executive Board. It was a travesty when the Malcontents came to the Delegate Assembly of February 6, 2015, with lists of names of other Malcontents, so as to engage in a joke-fest of cross-nomination of absurd and unqualified Malcontent names, in an attempt to flood the Executive Board with disruptive people. I suggest that you vote only for the following candidates, again with a record of service to our Community:
Suzie Byrnes
George Pittell
Myron Silverman
John Hess
Michael Rayber
Herb Finkelstein
Jackie Karlan
Jean Komis
Milton Cohen
Thank you for considering this recommended slate of candidates, who I believe will work to lead our Community into the future.


Dave Israel



  1. Since there are 10 openings for Executive Board members and you are recommending only 6, Dave, this means that 4 you DON'T recommend will get in as long as each gets at least one vote, which of course is inevitable. What is important, therefore (to those who agree with Dave's recommendations), is that ALL SIX recommended candidates get in. The best way to help ensure this may be to vote ONLY for the six AND NO MORE.

  2. I fail to see why anyone would have an objection to a well-organized presentation of all of the candidates (assuming, of course, that the time, location and rules apply to each candidate).

    It could become an "exercise in disruption", but assuming each candidate was given time to present their ideas with perhaps the same limited questions for each candidate, this could, in fact, be an opportunity for all candidates to clear the air and dispel any notions of "cronyism". Just my thoughts

  3. The list above is the only one that makes any sense. The horrors and mismanagement of past UCO Administrations is not something we need to see again.

  4. I too agree w/jangor 802....
    I realize David, this is your blog
    & you may post your views...however, having an "Open Form", such as was held last year, would be the right thing to do...Perhaps this still could be arranged(at this late date)

  5. I see you have added 3 names to the recommended Ex. Board list, Dave, and now post some of the nastiest blog posts/comments on the opposition blogs. I've been away for a week--no computer activity (see, it IS possible!) and now no having turned to opp. blogs for nearly 3 months! A record?

    Good to be away and good to be back.

    Perhaps it IS best to vote for all nine or your list, Dave, and not "bullet." The only way to really know would be to have a crystal ball telling me how everyone else was voting.

    All the best at any rate to YOU, Dave, and to those who will make up a good, cooperative team. We need constructive input. We don't need constant negativity and those whose main occupation seems to be being a busybody getting into everyone else's business.


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