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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Perhaps the time has come for some changes, to the the past, the "Election Hour" has preceeded the Delegate Assembly, ( 8 to 9 AM) making it difficult for some, including myself...
What of the possibility of "Early Voting"?  A policy in effect for State, Federal etc., elections....The details to be explored( such as distribution of ballots to Association Delegates, return of same, in sealed envelope
with Association & Delegates names appearing on Face of Envelope ( for validation purposes)
The sealed envelope then placed in a "Lock Box" ( which would be placed in a secured location, UCO
Safe or perhaps WPRF's) and upon the Actual Election Day, the chosen committee could then continue
 the process...(The key to the Lock Box would be in the possession of the Impartial Chair.)
Any thoughts or comments?
Bettie Lee Bleckman


  1. there would be no way to verify who is doing the voting or even if they are eligible to vote, so that would not work and leave it wide open to vote fraud.

  2. Bob
    The EXACT same methods would be applied as currently in use, upon signing-in at the DA Meeting..
    Those sheets are "Updated" prior to the monthly meeting,to reflect any changes..


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