This Is our Village

Friday, March 13, 2015


Most every evening, if I watch TV at all, I channel surf, and as I do I check Channel 63, our Village community channel. In case you didn't know, channel 63 had not been working for the past nine days.

Last night I found that 63 was working again and that Don Conway was on, doing his story of "Uncle Jim and the Bear," which I had long wanted to see. Well, it was great, for Don is a good storyteller, and what he can do with his "canjo" is amazing. Don's "canjo" is like a banjo but it has only one string, which is attached to a can, and if my eyes didn't deceive me, it was a Spam can, which made it even funnier.

The other thing I noticed was that the sound on 63 seemed way better than it had.  Was this a fluke, or had the poor-sound-quality problem on 63 finally been solved?

It turns out the sound-quality problem HAS been resolved, or at least it's an awful lot better, says John Gragg. John recently spent literally hours on the phone reaching someone with some clout at Comcast who could get the channel back on the air AND fix the sound problem that has plagued us for a very long time.

The nine days of no service was a wake-up call to the Comcast executive, and he immediately got a technician to work on the problem, which was "old equipment." Eighty percent of the problem is resolved now, John says, and there remains only one further replacement part to buy, which, he estimates will cost either Comcast or us from about $150 to $300.

We've waited a long time for this. Give Channel  63 a try! With the sound so improved, it's a lot more pleasant watching.  


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