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Thursday, March 5, 2015


Rather than list more names for whom not to vote, I will simply state in broad categories who should be avoided; people who disrupt meetings, people who are suing us, people who attend no meetings and contribute nothing. Let's send these candidates a message by passing them over in the election

 Following, in my opinion, are the serious candidates for Vice President in our March UCO Election:
For Vice President
Ed Black
Barbara Cornish
Fausto Fabbro
Any two of these, in my opinion should be elected, based on a proven track record of concern for our Village, a high level of knowledge and experience and a proven ability to get things done.
Now, let’s look at the candidates for Executive Board. It was a travesty when the Malcontents came to the Delegate Assembly of February 6, 2015, with lists of names of other Malcontents, so as to engage in a joke-fest of cross-nomination of absurd and unqualified Candidates. This was a blatant attempt to flood the Executive Board with obstructive and disruptive people. Please do not allow this "strategy" to succeed. I suggest that you vote for the following candidates, who have shown an intent and desire  to serve our Community:                      -

Suzie Byrnes
Milton Cohen
Herb Finkelstein
John Hess
Jackie Karlan
Jean Komis
George Pittell
Michael Rayber
Myron Silverman 
Thank you for considering this recommended slate of candidates, who I believe will work to lead our Community into the future.
Dave Israel
United Civic Organization

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