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Monday, March 16, 2015


I sure am glad I saw the Residents’ Show. I had never been to a Residents’ Show, and from what people told me who had, it may have been the best ever. I thought it was fantastic.

It’s hard for me to believe that our seniors could have put on such a professional, excellent performance. The singing was great. There was hardly a word sung off key. There was a great deal of action and there were also poignant moments. The six dancers were terrific. I couldn’t get over how well the show was choreographed.

There were songs from my youth but also songs from my dad’s era, songs I remember from playing his phonograph records on our old Victrola.

Often, when only one, two, or four or five people were singing, a large group of the other singers and dancers were in the background behind them. Sometimes they sang as a chorus, but at other times they were just there, admiring their peers who were singing. It was heartwarming to see their encouraging expressions.

What a great show!


  1. Hi All,
    Indeed, an excellent production!

    In future, there should be a selection of video clips on this BLOG and of course Channel 63, well in advance of the show.

    This would increase the attendance.

    Dave Israel

  2. Actually, having SEEN all of the
    Resident's shows, since 2003, I cannot in good conscience say, this was the "BEST"
    ...There have been many talented individuals, who both sang & danced, unfortunately some are no longer with us...Sylvia Layton, The last of the "Red Hot Mama's" for one..Unfortunately, the current one,had far too many participant's on stage at one time...Some of which,sorely lacked the talent they attempted to display...
    but then again, policy dictates all who apply must be accepted.. .perhaps in the future the multitude of applicants can be divided into 2 in the late Fall, the other early Spring...self produced, with reduction in ticket prices...I do conclude, recognition must be afforded to those, who committed themselves to the many hrs. of rehearsals, which I am not inclined to, even though, music,(singing ) is 1 of my passions, which I share with my "Sing a long" family & on occasion at Kareoke..

  3. I loved the show. Sure there was a framework of talent but the stars for me were those who kicked their disabilities to the curb, worked tremendously hard and gave us a rousing show. The company was a portrait in courage (with sequins).

  4. I didn't see the show, but totally agree with what Elaine said. I found the negative post rather cruel - who cares about the level of talent, as long as the performers had a great time participating. "All who apply must be accepted" - a pat on the back to all who endorse this policy.


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