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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Seems like it belongs to Camden M

The dumpster is gone but the recycling bins are still there!


  1. You will need to get your building manager involved or the CAM. We had a similar problem and one of the above spoke to the waste management company to solve our problem,

  2. I don't get it. The two photos don't even seem of the same place. In the top photo I see a regular dumpster, the green one, plus a blue dumpster, for what use I don't know because our Sheffield blue containers are for plastics and glass and look like the blue trash container in the bottom photo.

    Are these supposed to be "before and after" photos? This would make some sense to me if they were of the same PLACE.

  3. Why did the dumpster cross the road?
    Lanny look at PAPA map, the 2 dumpsters are actually on WPRF pool property and there is a concrete pad - across the road. The blue dumpster is dark blue in fact (not glaringly different from dk green).
    Our property maps often have odd bumps to accommodate dumpsters. See Northampton D, they probably have no idea the really ugly dumpster area is theirs - also across a street.

  4. I'm more confused than ever now, Elaine. What is a PAPA map, and now the two photos are gone from the blog, leaving only one, which I can clearly see fronts the big Camden pool. I can understand what you say, that these two dumpsters belong across the street, but that was not my question, which concerned two different photos of (seemingly) two different locations.

    Let's just drop it so far as my getting clear is concerned. Only I wonder sometimes if the reason for little or no comment is because readers can't understand a post in the first place.

  5. Many UCO issues come down to 'whose property'
    papa is property appraiser.
    Search on Camden M, and 'map' for instance.

  6. Hi Lanny,
    April 16, 2015 at 1:33 PM,

    Approach the Delphic cube, and ye shall be elucidated!!

    Dave Israel


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