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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

We have an infestation...

We have an infestation here at Salisbury E and it's not termites... It's illegal occupants!
Our Association President has hired a well-known realtor to rent two of our empty condos: one has been vacant for 3-4 years when the owner moved back to Vancouver, and the other, the owner past away in Aug 2014. These new arrivals are given keys without investigations, etc. Our Association doesn't own these condos, the Banks do...
To add insult to injury, Wells Fargo bank and Bank of America, who both hold 50k delinquent mortgages, have not started legal procedures; WPRF Inc is also not pursuing legal action, and the Sheriff’s office tells us only banks can press charges...
How are these illegal occupants
a) getting past the gate?
b) hooking up to utilities?
c) moving about the village without official ID's?
How many other empty condos are being rented illegally around the Century Village? Are we to close our curtains and hope this problem goes away?
Mariel Lauzon, 116 Salisbury E, West Palm Beach, FL 33417, 561-317-7948


  1. Don't you have a Board at your Association?? Don't you have a lawyer for the Association?? UCO can't be either of these for you. If you can't get enough of your fellow owners at your building to take any interest or responsibility for the building, what can you expect UCO to do?

  2. PS. The Queen of Blibber-Blabber on another blog says UCO should "call in all Boards" for some sort of talking to about this situation. You can call on "her magesty" at Wellington C and I'm sure she'll grab her crown and run right over.

  3. You president and board are passing the investigation process. You condo should hold a meeting and maybe recall your board for passing up the procedures.

  4. Obviously, your board is presenting them with the paperwork they need, probably a lease, which entitles them to obtain an ID card, purchase a car decal or show the ID to the gate security for entrance. Demanding an investigation is also the bord's responsibility. This is something owners need to address by changing by-laws, recalling the board members and then running for board positions. This is not a UCO problem. This is YOUR association!

  5. If I am correct, the Condo Assn must issue a "right to Occupy" document that WRPF processes with the deed before ID cards are issued. Did tghe condo issue such a document. Check with WEPF!


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