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Saturday, May 16, 2015


 Olga has seen fit to call me names on the other blog. She is just a delight of a bottom of the barrel person who can do nothing but call people names because I disagree with her statement. Keep up the name calling Olga you will certainly not endear yourself to the people in the village.


  1. The two calling you names are just some of the dregs left over from the Lowenstein Gladstone UCO era-- a time from which we have spent years recovering.

  2. Hi Grace. I don't know what Olga called you, and I'm just as glad to not know. I used to follow the opposition blogs pretty closely until sometime in early December, when something happened—I forget what now. I realized I was spending too much time walking in the muck, and it would apparently be never-ending muck, so I stopped checking their blogs. It's now been over six months since I've seen them, and I don't feel I've missed much.

    I'm not saying everyone should do the same, and I'll admit I get a bit curious sometimes to know what they're up to, but it is an option for anyone: just stop reading their stuff, blog or their little newsletter, and get on with life. They've said some pretty stuff about me, the one that cracks me up the most being a bigoted cockroach, a little gem Olga applied to several of us (maybe you too?). It seems all they do is criticize. Realizing this, every now and then they toss in something non-critical of general interest; but the fact appears so obvious, they live to oppose and find the negative.

    Fare thee well, Grace!

  3. Over five months, I mean. I can't count right this morning.


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