This Is our Village

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

In response to Dan Gladstone's remarks, on the other blog, regarding Phyllis Siegelman taking papers off the door knobs in her association. Smart woman. Papers left on doors where no one is home is asking to be robbed. We do have robberies in the village and Phyllis is a good neighbor looking out for her association. I applaud Phyllis. With snow birds gone there are a lot of half empty associations. Keep up the good work Phyllis!


  1. Okay so my remarks were wrong. You are right she had no right taking down material put on doors right after they were put up. Had she gone around later and taken them off doors where no one was home then that would have been a good neighbor. I have no problem to admitting that I was wrong.

  2. I posted on the other Blog that I was wrong in my posting. Will you post this that I admit that I am human and can be wrong.


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