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Sunday, May 3, 2015


The Act II Community Theater Wednesday, April 29 production of  "Murder in the Clubhouse" was a blockbuster, and frankly it surprised me. Kitty & John Gragg and the cast worked long and hard on the production, but there were problems in getting everyone together. Even as late as the dress rehearsal, they had never had everyone present!


But the hard work paid off, and last Wednesday's performance seemed wildly acclaimed by everyone, who enjoyed the unraveling of the mystery of who committed the murder, the hilarity throughout, and the many song and dance numbers. Many thought it surpassed "Once Upon a Time," the company's previous show about Cinderella.

The incomparable Rhoda Weber set the tone in introducing the show. She explained the difficulties in rehearsals and warned that even the cast didn't know what might happen. But she did this with such good humor the audience in effect said, "That's all right. We're with you. Bring it on!"

It seemed that all Century Village was suspect in the murder as Sherlock Holmes (played by Erwin Protter, who wrote the original version of the play) and Dr. Watson (played by Kitty, whom you never would have recognized) interviewed group after group, from the Italian Club to a group putting on a revue.

The revue reminded me of the Nutcracker Ballet, because it allowed for performances within a performance, which the audience loved. There were can-can dancers, a flamingo dancer, the bumbling two Village guards even danced together, and while Rhoda sang and danced to the music of Cabaret right in front of the audience, Wolf Eisenberg came onstage and danced with a life-size doll (clothed in the performance, but it had been naked at the dress rehearsal). This brought down the house, but not any more so than when Joyce Lasker came onstage and did a belly dance. This woman is no spring chicken, but I'd have sworn we were watching a 30-year-old. I'm sure Henry Kissinger didn't get to see anything better than this in the Middle East during his tenure as Secretary of State.

It was great is what I'm trying to say, and this time (I think because the snowbirds had gone) everyone got a seat. Thank you, Act II Community Theater performers and staff!!


  1. It was a terrific evening to see friends and residents put on a very funny show. It is for sure we can use some laughter here in the village. THANKS to all involved
    Look forwarded to the next production..

  2. A couple of spelling corrections: It is Joyce Lapsker (with a "p"), not Lasker, and it should be flamenco dancer, not flamingo dancer. Sorry, Joyce. Kitty very nicely set me straight on both.

  3. Hi Lanny,
    May 7, 2015 at 6:16 AM,

    If you research this matter you shall discover that there is a Flamingo variant that is indeed purple, and known as a Flamenco, of Purple Flamingo.

    Dave Israel


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