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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Comcast wifi installation in our association.

One of our unit owners has suggested installing Comcast WIFI throughout our association. Three routers would serve our 24 units. Apparently Coventry J has gone this way. I would like to know how well this system would support our association . During the Snowbird season we have 19 units who have Internet and using multiple devices. For example..laptops, tablets, e-readers, voip phones, video streaming Total cost would be $1,300 for installation and then $123. per month for service which equals to $5.12 for each unit owner. Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hi Helene,
    It's a simple matter of "supply and demand".
    The single MODEM will supply a certain downstream bandwidth and much less upstream bandwidth.

    If the majority of your Residents are only sending and receiving simple Email, your system may work fine, depending on interference between your apartment and the Router.
    If a significant number of Residents use high data rate applications, EG. NETFLIX, HULU, PANDORA, SKYPE....Etc., your system will crash during periods of heavy demand.

    This is a low-tech. effort by Comcast to divide our Village and preclude truly low cost high bandwidth bulk installation across the entire Campus.

    Proceed AYOR.

    Dave Israel


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