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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Overlapping leases

I moved to Florida in January and Century Village WPB was my choice. Very Nice. I am renting an upstairs condo until I learn more about the condos and associations in the community.

My lease ends in October. If I find a downstairs condo in September and apply to the landlord and UCO for acceptance, and subsequently approved by the owner and association can I be an overlapping tenant of both condos for a period of 45 days?

Hi Mike,
Important point - UCO has nothing to do with your acceptance or rejection. Your Association makes this decision. UCO submits your application for investigation, but if you are moving to another unit in the same Association, another investigation is not necessary. If moving to another Association, they will require a new investigation.

What residence would my ID card be linked to and when do I take steps to change the address associated with the ID card?

The rule, is that your ID card, issued by WPRF is linked to your current Residence, Go to the ID Office when your old ID is near expiration, bring your Certificate of Approval from your new place of Residence, WPRF may want to see your new lease.

Secondly does anyone know if UCO is available to assist renters with questions like this one or is the main focus on landlords and condominium owners? Is there a specific person who may be considered a renter issues guru?

UCO will provide any assistance requested on such matters, and if the question is a legal one of Village wide relevance, we will obtain an opinion from our UCO Attorney.

Dave Israel


Thank you


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