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Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Wake Up Call

Term Limits again? Why are the so-called malcontents always so riled up for term limits? Term limits are right in front of their faces every time you go to the polls. Every time! They keep yelling for term limits and the delegates shut them down. Is it not obvious that Most agree? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Are there problems at UCO? Of course there are, but why not try offering solutions instead of causing more problems? Stupid lawsuits or Throwing everyone out of UCO and starting from scratch isn't a solution. Not likely. There aren't enough experienced people for that to happen. They say "term limits curb the potential for monopoly"... Well let's get off the Milton-Bradley Express Circuit come back to reality.
We are a village, not state nor a nation. Our village president serves a two year term, not a four year term as in our national office. If you don't want someone in office, don't vote for them. THAT is term limit. you can limit a person to a single term, as some of our national presidents, i.e. Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush. found out the hard way.
If the delegates vote for a candidate, then that is the will of the people. If your delegate didn't vote the way you wanted, then you need to take that up with your delegate and get a delegate that votes for their association.

We have much more pressing issues than the "I don't like David Israel" faction..
We have a MAJOR problem with Associations that "Don't care what's going on in the village, as long as I'm not affected". Let me tell you, YOU WILL BE AFFECTED.  When Century Village, a 55 and over community becomes Century Village Homeless Hotel located in sunny Western West Palm Beach, a slum for one and all... When crime starts to rise, and you begin to wonder, why didn't UCO do something about screening the criminal element coming in and out of the village?(Which by the way, is the job of the Association) You will start to wonder, "Why are my property values so much lower than what I paid to live here? Then you will begin to wonder why you have to sell below market value at bargain basement prices to the greedy developers trying to call themselves benevolent by renting to the homeless while they collect their $900-$1200 a month from the city or state. Money coming out of YOUR Taxes!!! No, they won't care that you will be forced to sell to some crooked developer for pennies on the dollar for what you paid.
What will you do? What will Mr. & Ms. Century Village do now? Become a shut-in? Worry when you want to go to the pool? Will you be afraid when you get accosted at the clubhouse, or on a bus on the way to Publix to get some groceries? Or will you just give up and sell at a loss and become the burden on your kids that you said you would never be? All because you don't care what happens unless it affects you...
Wake up my friends, it is going to affect you. Some more than others, but it WILL affect you ALL!


    The so-called "malcontents" are for term limits because for them it's the easy way to get around the will of the people here who appreciate the hard work Dave Israel and other UCO officers have put into the Village with their positive attitude and cooperative spirit. "Term limits" sounds good, and granted, in some instances it is. But here, I believe, it's simply a ruse to "get Dave and his cohorts out, which will make some room for us." Never mind the fact that it would be making an end-run around what our delegates want and have voted for. It's simply a patently obvious ruse.

  2. Bob, you're right! We do have a lot to worry about. We are fine in our association because we completely abide by our by-laws but many other associations don't. I try and get the people in my building to go to the meetings so they can get educated as to what is going on in the village. It seems the only thing they care about is when the new budget comes out and their HOA fees go up. They listen to gossip and rumor mills at the pools, etc, which most of the time is not true.

    Even though a few people don't agree with David, I do have to say that he gives an awful lot of his time to Century Village which we should be grateful for. David is not perfect but who is! Let's put aside our differences and try to make our village a better and safer place to live by uniting. It makes me sick to hear what happened in Shieffield O and the unit owners that are being harassed. Do pay attention to what is happening in your association. You never know, you might be the next Sheffield O.

  3. Term limits or no term limits, the delegates vote for the people that we believe will do the best job. The delegates nominate people to run. If they would not want any or all of the people running who have been in office they only have to elect a better person, in their opinion who is running for office. I also believe that it takes time for an elected official to get into the speed of things when they get elected. Having a veteran or two is a big help.

  4. I have heard Dave Israel say it took him two years to get up to speed on presiding over UCO. With all there is to learn, I don't doubt it. You need to have learned the rules and regulations (what that maze of legalese means); what UCO is empowered to do and what it cannot do; the responsibilities of the associations; how UCO and WPRF interact; how the various boards and committees function; how things have been done in the past; what the specific personnel in place are able to do; about dealing with our vendors; and about our dealings with the outside world. What have I left out, Dave?

    President of UCO is not a job for a neophyte. Sometime I wish you would write an article, Dave, on what it has been like to learn all you have learned about the functioning of this Village. Maybe you could give a talk in the Clubhouse sometime on the same subject. I'm sure it would make for some very interested hearing, not to mention an increased appreciation for all that you and the UCO and WPRF personnel do.


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