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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Condo termination in Florida

If this video gets out to the wider public it will cause our property values to plummet! Would you buy in Century Village if you think that your condo could be dissolved?

Thank you Mr Grossman for advertising against Century Village


  1. Terri Parker declined to interview me, as I would not go for this malcontent agitprop approach. The malcontent effort to sensationalize the issue and aggrandize themselves is highly counterproductive.
    The malcontents that appeared on the so called news piece, are totally unaware of the efforts in train, and the potential damage inflicted by their ill-informed comments!

    The fact is that Mr. H.I. Levy's efforts have already borne fruit, in readjusting Mr. Kelly's attitude regarding dissolving Condominium. Mr. Levy is not done with this matter.

    UCO meanwhile is vigorously interdicting irregular call-in channels which have been enabling the flow of residents to and from the Sheffield - O motel.

    The message to Mr. Kelly is clear, go home, we do not want you here!!

    Dave Israel

  2. Thank you Dave and UCO. The biggest threats to our futures at CV are things like crazy paving lawsuits and irrational loudmouth morons who represent NOTHING at CV calling on local TV and politicians with demands that confuse the situation even more.

  3. It's pathetic, Grossman is such a grandstander.

  4. So if we post the link on this page, aren't we spreading the harm?


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