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Saturday, July 4, 2015


Delegate Assembly 7-3-2015 PART-1 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.

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Dave Israel



    The time with H. Irwin Levy was interesting, wasn't it? He didn't step into the situation because UCO (read: Dave Israel) had had a blind eye to the Sheffield O situation as some would have us believe. Far from it. Dave had long been aware of the situation and been searching for ways to deal with it in the context of UCO's limited powers. Levi became aware of it because (as he himself commented) there had been a good working relationship between UCO and WPRF. We all should know who helped promote that good working relationship rather than promote an adversarial relationship as recommended by some: Dave Israel. Thus in due time Dave reached out to Mark and his dad, H. I., for help, and graciously the Levys responded with their offer to help the beleaguered Sheffield condo association with both their expertise and financial backing.

    At the delegate assembly last Friday, Mr. Levy took a very evenhanded approach in describing the Sheffield O state of affairs and what he planned to do about it. Admitting he himself was not up-to-date on current condo laws and all the legal aspects (though of course his lawyers are), he described his one-step-at-a-time plan to deal with the rogue owner of over half the Sheffield O units. At the same time he urged us to keep this matter in context and not let it become so all-consuming that we as residents lost the joys and pleasures of living in this remarkable Village. Several times he stressed the need for associations to actively take part in their meetings so things don't get out of control. But then—did you catch it?—rather than rake the Sheffield O folks over the coals, he allowed that a part of the problem might have been that with this first of his Century Villages, it had been set up with very small-in-number (many 24-26 unit) associations with the attendant difficulties of finding sufficient board members. He also set the financial situation in perspective, explaining how Mr. Kelly had been able to purchase the Sheffield O units at rock-bottom prices because of the economic collapse in 2008 immediately following years of soaring home values—a very unusual thing.

    We are seniors in Century Village, and yet Mr. Levi talked to us like a loving, elderly and wise grandfather. He listened to those with questions and did not berate those with some rather wild ideas, but rather, thanked them. He also listened to some "questions" that weren't questions at all, but rather, speeches, and Dave did a good job of moderating this, I thought.

    All in all, it was quite a morning. Our thanks to the founder for stepping in.

  2. Sorry, the title to this comment should have been LEVY, spelled with a "Y." And I am supposed to be a proofreader for the Reporter.


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