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Thursday, July 9, 2015

I must respond to Esther's rants on this blog as I am not allowed on her blog. She calls
the delegates foolish and calls people names, myself included. She also does not write
the truth on her blog. She says the rover only drives around on the main road because
she followed it one day. The rover goes around to every pool and checks in electronically
as I have witnessed many times at the Dorchester pool on the north side of the village,
off the main road. She still complains about Sheffield O. Does she not know from living
in the village that each association is it's own business. UCO has no authority over her
association nor any other association. It is up to each association to be in charge of their units
not UCO. This woman ran for office twice and lost twice. Her students said she is a nasty woman who thinks she knows it all. If you read her blog you can tell she dislikes our leaders
and UCO and we are foolish. What a nasty individual.


  1. Yes, she and the few morons that post on Gary's blog are a disgrace to CV.

  2. Just got this definition from my association president" They are there to help out if you have problems you can't solve on your own or help mediate between board and owners. " so where was sheffield O VP???

  3. There was no Sheffield O VP, nor a working Board at Sheffield O either. They brought these problems on themselves. Now CV and WPRF will have to fight and spend money to try to undo the problems.

  4. Jangor is talking about a UCO VP who would have had "oversight responsibility" for Sheffield O, I think, PLcruise. I think there would have been several such VPs during the years of O's decline. I have no idea if O ever appealed for help or the UCO VPs ever made inquiry. With 309 associations and only 4 UCO VPs, however, it would seem to be an impossible task for the VPs to proactively be inquiring after each condo association's welfare. How could one possibly do it? I should think "My door is open for help and advice" about the best a VP could do, with responsibility for SEEKING help the association's job. Even then, it's limited, as you've pointed out, what UCO or its VPs CAN do. Thankfully, in the case of O, the combined efforts of Dave Israel (UCO) and WPRF founder, H. Irwin Levy, have borne some fruit in combating Mr. Kelly's predations.

  5. Hi Lanny. Yes, you are correct about a UCO VP, but it seems no one was a Shef O Board VP?

  6. At one point from what I understand, the president had passed away and the VP was too old to effectively assume the duties of president, so the burden fell on the treasurer. There may be a brief history of these "pre-Kelly" days in the August Reporter by yours truly.


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