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Friday, July 3, 2015

Thank You......Mr. Levy

It was a pleasure to see you at our Delegate meeting and explaining to the people the truth about the situation  in Sheffield O and how they must have patience and be pro-active in their associations. I can see the love you have for the village and I know why most of us are so happy to live our senior years in Century village,  it is still a paradise to most.

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  1. I share Barbara's comments in thanking H. Irwin Levy for appearing at our Delegates Assembly and addressing residents' concerns. Not having seen him in some 35 years or more, when original sales were off the charts, I was pleased to see him looking well. It is my beief that he will always have an interest in Century Village in West Palm Beach because that was his baby. He gave us a great place to live which we now call home and hope to maintain it that way.
    Ruth Bernhard


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