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Saturday, September 19, 2015


Is it true that the UCO bylaws do not allow, except in an emergency or if it's a budgeted item, the UCO president to authorize payment for anything over $1000 without the approval of the delegate assembly?

If so, I can hardly imagine anything so unworkable. $1000 in the context of the workings of a small town, which we are, is peanuts. Worst of all, it requires not the approval of a small committee (say the UCO officers) or even a large committee (say the Executive Board), but a humongous committee of 300, which meets regularly only once a month! The arrangement we have, if I understand it correctly, is almost laughable to me.

No matter who was the current UCO president, I would be in favor of first increasing this maximum, then requiring approval of the officers or the Executive Board for a higher outlay, and finally requiring approval of the delegate assembly only for very large outlays.

It wouldn't surprise me then if there were fewer instances of making more than one payment to a vendor when one would have sufficed or if there were fewer times when "it's an emergency" were cited.

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