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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Let me suggest something about compromise and coming to consensus, which I recommended in another post. This is probably not possible with all matters (although I know a top college board of managers who operate this way—by "sense of the meeting"). But even with us mortals, there are surely SOME matters on which we can compromise.

Why not seek these out? You never can tell—purposely compromising on some matters may imbue us with a new spirit carrying over into other issues. Harmony might breed more harmony.

You compromise not because you think the other fellow's position is better, but because you believe it is more important to show him or her some respect as a person than to doggedly insist on every point in your position. And because things get done through compromise. And finally—dare I say it?—because you just might come to realize in time that your thinking was a little flawed.

A fourth reason is because of respect for the position of a large minority. When a motion passes by only one or two votes, it should give us all pause. Were we too hasty in calling for a vote? Maybe there should have been a straw vote to determine how the wind was blowing. Perhaps the matter should have been set aside for more thought and input. To have a general consensus is almost always best. To have a mandate is ideal.

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