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Friday, December 25, 2015


For a little over a year now, I haven’t read the “opposition” blogs, but with the UCO elections heating up, I decided I’d break my fast for a while.

I thought maybe the malcontents (even they use the term now of themselves; it doesn’t have to be a pejorative) might have softened their language somewhat, if for no other reason than to appear reasonable and sane to the electorate. Not so at all! I couldn’t believe what I read: They were still likening Dave Israel, who served in the NSA for 30 years, to Hitler; still using the grossest terms to describe him; and now attacking the “silent ones” in UCO, including the ever-helpful Dom Guarnagia!

Apparently they think the “silent ones” fail to speak up for them and their causes. They don’t seem to consider the fact the “silent ones” might be biting their tongues that would otherwise express criticism of the malcontents. Dom had the courtesy to respond to their charge, his response including (surprise, surprise) some of the latter—criticism of them.

Being silent isn’t necessarily being cowardly. There is a time for everything: “A time to be silent and a time to speak,” Ecclesiastes tells us. There is very little of which we know all the details of personalities and events sufficient to justify relentless harsh criticism and scorn.

I was amazed to read one person’s New Year’s resolution on forgiveness. I thought he was going to ask forgiveness for something he had done. Instead, he cited a litany of things HE will forgive (who else?) Dave Israel for! (Really, it sounded rather like the Almighty himself doing all this forgiving!) When one cites a list of grievances that long that one is forgiving, guess what gets emphasized? You guessed it: not the forgiveness, but the grievances.

I’m not sure if I made the right decision to open this can of worms…..

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