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Saturday, January 2, 2016


In answer to Gary Olman's demand for an accounting of the Reporter's quarter-page announcement of Dave Israel's candidacy for UCO president ("Was this ad paid for? If so out of what account? If not, why not?"), I am tempted to say Calm yourself, Gary. Must you always be so angry and confrontational? All is upfront and legal.

The notice WAS an advertisement and is being paid for at the Reporter's current rate: $210. The Committee to Elect Dave Israel only awaits the invoice from the Reporter. The Reporter forgot to have the notice marked "advertisement," that is all. That has happened before.

Now concerning "the skinny" from Gary on Dave Israel's letter to the authorities about the illegally placed Richland sign, I'm afraid Gary's "skinny" is thin to the point of being nonexistent. I have it on good authority that the communication to the authorities (of which I have been shown a copy) was NOT signed by "Peyton" Israel, as Gary tells everyone so confidently, but by David Israel using his own name. I will leave it to the all-wise and prescient Gary to figure out if and where the "Peyton" comes in.
It is tiring hearing all these false accusations. I saw the latest Messenger newsletter. It was negative-negative-negative all the way through. People are commenting on this. It doesn't make for very pleasant reading. They ask me "Who are these people? They are always griping about everything." Your blog post about the three stooges at least was a humorous change, Gary.

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