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Friday, January 1, 2016

Answer to Esther

Again Esther drones on and on and she doesn't have a clue. What I wrote about Phyllis and her wanting to break our by laws as was done for her underage (not 55 years old. In the Village, underage) In writing my blurb about what happened when the Richlands had a condo in the Association where I live. She was a Vice President and knew better but didn't care. If elected as President of UCO what other by laws will she not like and want to break? As for Esther she just enjoys calling people names whom she does not like. She is a nasty piece of work in my opinion. Her past students didn't like her either. In Rate My Teacher a year or so ago they wrote she is a nasty person who thinks she knows it all.  They wrote it and I repeat it. She also threatened to have her students inundate my email with spam. Are those the same students?

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