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Thursday, February 4, 2016


Term Limits has been introduced once again by the malcontents. The proposal to limit the terms of the UCO president and others was just brought before the Advisory Board and turned down. It will in all likelihood be brought before the UCO officers as the next step in the chain, then before the Executive Board, and finally before a delegate assembly. It makes no difference if en route these committees and boards vote it down. Unless and until our rules change, such proposed measures  go right through the system.

It is obvious to nearly everyone what this is all about. The malcontents don't like Dave Israel and certain others (a growing number of "others," I might note) but have not been able to get rid of them because of their popularity. Being unable to vote these folk out—many of whom are experienced, conscientious, hard-working volunteers—the mals fall back on repeated efforts to get "Term Limits" passed at the only real critical point: the delegate assembly. It makes no difference if they are defeated at the earlier levels—if they can get Term Limits passed at a delegate assembly, it becomes "the law of the land" in CV. Or it does until it can be repealed.

The never-ending attempts by the mals to institute Term Limits are an imposition upon the time of most of us. We think "What, again?!" and yawn, but that's what the mals are banking on. They want us "regulars" to fall asleep and not attend a delegate assembly so THEY then can show up in their numbers and get the measure passed. All right, yawn if you must—JUST DON'T GO TO SLEEP! Let's give them a whipping every time when it comes to a vote at delegate assembly.

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