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Sunday, February 14, 2016


 Yesterday I saw the latest Messenger newsletter on our bulletin board, and I took it down to read. As usual, it was almost entirely negatives, bashing one person after another, with the UCO president, Dave Israel, of course, their prime scapegoat. Later I got to thinking, what if all this bashing and negativity were in the UCO Reporter?—for that is what the mals would like. I would venture to say not many residents would want to read the Reporter anymore!

I also got to thinking about the mals' whining and complaining about not being allowed to use the pools for their "rallies." The reason has been made clear: it's because these partisan meetings of a dozen to thirty people could very well be an unwelcome intrusion to those who want to be at the pools in order to relax and enjoy some quiet—the purpose of the pools in the first place.

Then I got to thinking: Dave Israel hasn't had any rallies at the pools (at least not in this election cycle), so it's not as though he HAS been allowed pool rallies during this campaign and the mals have not. So what's the big beef? And what's the big fuss about using the Clubhouse for the malcontent meetings and rallies? Dave hasn't had any such get-togethers at the Clubhouse during this election campaign that I'm aware of. His campaign meetings have been in homes.

Dave has one blog, and the mals have THREE. Dave doesn't have "Vote for Dave" signs up all over the place, but the mals have their signs up all over. To my knowledge, no Dave flyers have been put on bulletin boards—which are considered private property, for condo use only by some condo associations.

And I don't see how the mals can complain (though they do) about the delegate meetings. They have had more voice—strident, disruptive voices at that—than anybody! They go on and on, one after another up to the mike, while the "non-mals" (the sensibles) patiently put up with them, only emitting a collective groan every so often. The long-suffering sensibles, however, know how to have the last word—through their votes.

So what's the big beef? I'm beginning to think the mals are crybabies.


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