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Saturday, March 12, 2016


I cannot speak for Bob Rivera, but I can speak for myself. "Eduardo" writes on Gary's blog: "I regret being as harsh as I was toward Mr. Rivera’s unprovoked attack and I would hope that he would refrain from any repeat performance.  However, let me be clear that should I be attacked again, I will be ready to defend my reputation and the reputation of those who are close to me." Eduardo then goes on to reveal who he is, Edward J. Ross, as many of us suspected, although I thought for a while it was Gary Olman himself.

In a touching P.S. he writes: "So that there is no more – maybe, could be, might be – regarding my pen name, -- when I was in school, I played a lot of ice hockey.  We had in our small sports town the League of Nations, and a number of these kids were Hispanic.  I was a defenseman and these certain Spanish-speaking players got very friendly especially when I was doing a good job.  I was then called EDUARD and then EDUARDO.  I fit in, -- it stuck, and I only use it now when writing about all of the nonsense happenings in the Village."

Good for you, Eduardo. Thank you, and if you don't mind I'll just continue calling you Eduardo, because I like the name. Your apology is healing as far as I am concerned, and were you here I would be shaking your hand. Let's you and I anyway totally forget your little "explosion." We all pop off from time to time. The trick, I guess, is to learn to bite our tongues. I have two boys who were into ice hockey, by the way. Up north we lived on a pond, and they could go right off our land onto the ice. They made goals out of 2x4s and chain link fencing for the whole neighborhood to use. Also, I am now off the steamed clams, Eduardo. I'm afraid I got a bit of food poisoning at that little restaurant in Palm Beach Gardens a couple of years ago. It lasted five days, and though I love the little buggers, I haven't dared try them again—at any restaurant.
                                                                       --Lanny Howe 

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