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Wednesday, March 9, 2016


There are all kinds of people. Many just flat-out enjoy working with Dave Israel and his administration. Some enjoy working with him but disagree on certain points— however, they know how to major on the major and minor on the minor. That's a very normal situation in any enterprise.

Then there are others who would prefer to not work with Dave's administration but are totally turned off by the people in the malcontent camp. Beyond this there are those IN the malcontent camp who are not "hard core" (abusive and vile in their comments)—or if they have been on one or two occasions, are not repeatedly this way and may regret words spoken out of season.

Finally, there are the hard-core handful, who never cease their vile harangues, who are the most vocal, whose hatred is so palpable and appears to eat them up. The last—amazingly—presumptuously expect to be welcomed back into the fold the day after they have been roundly defeated at the polls! Dream on, diehards. 

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