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Sunday, March 13, 2016


March 13, 2016     Palm Beach Post:


President seeks broadband for 20 million more.

President Obama backing a plan to connect low-income families to more affordable broadband services has set a goal to get 20 million people subscribed to high speed internet by 2020.

In a Facebook post, Obama said a lack of broadband at home took a particularly harsh toll on students caught in a "homework gap" unable to complete school assignments because the work requires access to the Web.
"All of American's students should be able to get online, no matter where they live or how much their parents make Obama wrote: "We're calling this effort ConnectALL and it's not just good for students, It's good for folks looking for jobs or workers hoping to learn new skills.
The White House also released a report outlining the economic effects of broadband adoption, focused on how families without broadband at home are at a disadvantage in finding jobs.  Job seekers who search online find employment 25 percent faster that those who use traditional methods like newspaper classifieds, according to a report released by the Council of Economic Advisors.
MY aside.  How much pleasure do we grandparents get out of being able to keep almost daily contact with our families.  My granddaughters and my son send us pictures all the time.  We can talk on Skype if we choose.  The over 55 people take computer courses at rate that surpasses many of the other ages although the young learn it by osmosis and come here and teach their grandparents how to use our cellphones, ipads, kindles and cameras?
Isn't it odd that our negative people have turned down WIFI many times.  Those of us who want it should absolutely support OUR President as he tries to get us into the 21st Century.  Another plus is that  WIFI villages sell better and at higher prices as compared to NON-WIFI equipped communities.
I love it here, our village is beautiful and full of activities that put many other communities to shame.  We have the best.

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