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Saturday, April 9, 2016

CV has gone to the dogs!

We are tired of telling the people who have dogs not to walk near our building. WE DON'T ALLOW DOGS!  Last evening we found poop near our bulletin board and now I heard from my neighbor that a dog pooped in front of her dining room window in the back.  Also, there was poop on the Synagogue property.  What kind of people do we have here?  When you have a dog you have a responsibility to pick up after them.  I had a dog up in New York and I always picked it up, even before there was a pooper scooper law.

When you tell them not to walk near our building they become nasty mouthed.  My husband is legally blind and he stepped in it.  Something has to be done before someone gets locked up for clocking these idiots. 

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