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Friday, April 1, 2016


The proposed UCO Bylaw amendment to reinstate Term Limits for UCO Officers, was presented by Marilyn Gorodetzer representing the Advisory Committee. She noted that the attempt was defeated by the Advisory Committee, The Officer's Committee, and The Executive Board.
Comments Pro and Con were heard and the vote was taken. The proverb, "what is past is prologue" was played out in the Delegate vote; in favor of reinstatement of Term Limits, 43, as was pointed out by Randall, we could have stopped there, as a two thirds vote of the Delegates present is required to pass an amendment to the Bylaws.
I thought, for the record, to obtain the number opposed, which turned out to be 105.
I sincerely hope, that those who keep bringing this amendment forward, will get the message, and stop wasting the time of the Delegates. Delegates will get to vote in March of 2017, and if there is a message to be sent regarding who should continue to serve, and who not, their votes will send the message.
As for Term Limits. Once again, shown to be superfluous.
Dave Israel

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