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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


For any readers of this blog who may not have read Esther Sutofsky's blog of April 26, she writes: "Go check the Rag and see the 'astute' and 'erudite' article by David (written by his ghostwriter, Lanny) re term limits."

By "the Rag" Esther means the UCO Reporter, of course. (The May issue just came out). For the record, I did NOT ghostwrite Dave Israel's column on Term Limits. Esther flatters me but her assertion is flat-out untrue, and this is exactly why I cannot believe ANYTHING she says.

It so happens I wrote my own article on Term Limits in the same issue, and Dave, for anyone's information, had nothing to do with that! Any careful reader will also see some differences between the two. (By the way, there is a paragraph having to do with "ratification by three quarters of the states" near the end of my article that got worded wrong in the printing process. It's not too important, but if it doesn't make sense to a reader, that's precisely because the paragraph doesn't make sense as printed! Maybe we can publish a correction in the June issue.)

In her diatribe Esther goes on to say "Need that tutoring lesson again, Lanny and David?" This is followed later by "I am one of the best writers in the Village."

Really, Esther? It rather strikes me you are also one of the best boasters in the Village. Would you like to know who I am inclined to give credence to? It's the person who is skilled at something and DOESN'T toot his or her own horn. I know of such a writer in the Village (there may be many more), and WILL listen to her. I would be privileged, in fact, to be tutored by her. I hope you'll pardon me, but I'll take a pass on being tutored by you. Dave can speak for himself on your kind offer, but I have an idea what his answer will be.

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