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Thursday, April 21, 2016



           On Monday, May 2, the Act II Community Theater will be presenting a different kind of show in Classroom C of the Clubhouse titled "The Audience." The show costs $1.00 and starts at 7:00 p.m., but I would suggest you get there early, because it's "first come, first served," and in the past some folk have had to be turned away, because these shows have been so popular.
            What is "The Audience" all about? I found out the other night when I watched a full rehearsal of the production. For starters it's about more than audiences. It's about audiences, actors, directors, announcers and just about everybody associated with the production of a multi-act show. You see these folk in their off-guard moments, at their worst, at their wildest and at their funniest. You even hear in one skit what they're THINKING.
            In one skit with two women patrons, one has to use the restroom and ends up in the men's room (I will say no more). In another, audience members get seated, only to find they aren't happy with their seating for one reason or another, and you almost have "musical chairs" going on. In a third, an actor auditions for a part in a play. Good luck to him!
            Near the end there is an "open forum" time. One person loves musicals while another hates them. The incomparable Steve Mussman plays the part of a VERY angry director. Lucy Asuncion, for no reason anyone can fathom, keeps breaking in with a partial rendition of "Knick knack, paddy whack, give the dog a bone."
            The one who cracked me up the most was 93-year-old, amazingly spry Bernie Kaufman as he is dragged out of his seat kicking and screaming for some misdemeanor.
            I know some of the cast members of the Act II group, and I know some of them, like myself, have failing memories. They have a lot to remember in this production, so I'm going to cut them plenty of slack if they sometimes have to read their lines. This "goes with the territory" of being a senior at CV so I will just look past it.
            Accept this then as a "given," and I think you will really enjoy "The Audience." The cast members have worked long and hard to bring us this show on May 2, and how can you beat the $1.00 admission fee? My suggestion—they haven't said a word to me about this—if you can afford it, give this talented group who have given us so much pleasure a healthy gratuity.
                                                                                                 —Lanny Howe

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