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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sprinkler Opt-Out ....... Handrail Opt-Out ?

It appears that many associations are moving forward and beginning the opting-out process regarding the requirement to retro fit sprinkler systems into their buildings.
During a couple of delegate/officers/ operations meetings, when the subject of opting out of the requirement to retro fit buildings with sprinkler systems; opting out of the handrail requirement was piggy backed with the sprinkler issue.
It seems as if the hand rail opt out option has now become a non-issue.
If you look at the form, DBPR CO 6000-8, (above) which is Page 6 of 9 of the UCO Operations 2016 Fire Sprinkler Opt-Out as of May 3, 2013.pdf (located in the sidebar of the blog) is shows a box that can be checked to opt out of the handrail requirement. Why aren’t more associations using this option to opt out of handrail requirements?
Why wasn’t a boiler plate “Written Consent not to Retrofit for Handrails” form created in the same format of the opt out of Sprinkler retro fit form and included in the instructional packet?
I am not criticizing the creation of the instructional packet, it’s a great help, but I am confused on why the attention to the handrail option has disappeared.
Any informational response from the community is appreciated.

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