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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

joining the 21st Century @WPBCV

This is the only conclusion I could come up with that anyone in Century village would not want to join the 21st century... I imagine this is their thinking:

"Yep, it's time to start x-ploring outside the cave. Why, They's a whole new world out there!
They invented these little call boxes, kinda like our telephone but they ain't got no wires and there ain't no crank to get the operator to make your calls. They's call 'em cell phones,, and you can call anyone you want without yelling' too loud. Why they can hear ya clear across the county and you don't hafta even get yer voice all horse!
Why they even have these things that make noise kinda like the old victrola, but instead of the ol' 78's, they's are small silver disks and ain't got no grooves and make some really beautiful music and sometimes some awful noise they call rap or something. They got some of the same kinds disks that you put inside a box next to some new fangled TeeVee thing and they come out with them moving pictures. In color even! And them new fangled TeeVee's sure don't look like the TeeVee we had. Why they's more like going to the picture show at the old Bijou Theatre and almost as big!
They have a box on the desk with a TeeVee like thing and what looks like a typewriter but lays kinda flat and there ain't no place to roll up the paper into. They calls it a KEYboard. Tho' I ain't seen no keys, just a bunch of numbers and letters and some funny symbols and squiggly lines.
They even have that's smaller and fold in half and even one that you touch it with your finger and it does all kinds of things... They called that on a tablet... but I ain't seen no ten commandments on it so I ain't for sure how it could be's a tablet.
They said it work on something they's called a Why Fie. I don't know what a Why Fie is, but it must be something really small, cause I ain't never seen it. They's touch a bunch of letters on this here tablet and it come out with all sorts of information and stories and even some of them picture shows we saw on them new fangled TeeVees.
But I just don't know... All this new stuff out there and I ain't got no clue how to use them, so maybe I'll just go back in my cave and maybe they's just go away. "

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