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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


To find out if a post on this blog has been commented on, so far as I know there is now no way to know except clicking on "Links to this post" to find out. It used to be one could know at a glance if there had been comments, because there would be a notation in the same place saying, for example, "Two comments." You clicked on this if you wanted to read the comments, but saved the time of doing any clicking (which changes the screen) if there was no notation. The old way was a time saver, and I wonder now if readers even realize there ARE comments when there are. Can we go back to the old way, Mr. Blogmeister? I think it might encourage more participation. 


  1. Hi Lanny,
    Prior format restored.

  2. Hi Lanny,
    In the process of reversion to prior format, it looks like all Comments were erased.
    Dave Israel

  3. Thanks, Dave. The comments, at least to this particular post, were brief and by Gary O and Ruth D, who essentially echoed my request for a return to the old format.

  4. Glad you went back to the old version!

  5. I thought the new format was great. It let all the nay sayers be heard and now they are once again complaining. It let people say what they wanted and they pretty much identified themselves which to me made their comments valid. If they do not have the courtesy of letting you know who they are, then they aren't worth listening to.

  6. I like the return to the old format so we know at a glance WHEN there are comments to a post. I notice, however, that I can't comment except when using a certain one of my three e-mail addresses. This would be fine, but I suspect it is what is keeping some of those who may not be able to post from now being able to comment as well. Gary Olman may be a case in point.

    Has this been an unforeseen result of returning to the old format? If so, can something be done so more (I do not say all) can comment than can post? I understand there is a limit of 100 to those who can post (which is why the second blog, administered largely be Elaine Brown, was created). It would be nice if more could COMMENT, though, on the main blog.

    Is this doable, Dave?

  7. Hi Lanny,
    Only members of the Blog can Post and Comment. That goes for Blog part 2.
    Perhaps a careful study of the Malcontent Blog Posts & Comments will indicate why this is the case.

    This Blog is for information relevant to CV and Condo living, not a channel for filthy language, lies and pontification on global affairs about which the "authors" know virtually nothing.

    As a registered Blog member, your Email address is irrelevant, just sign in using the Email address you originally registered with, and you may Post & Comment to your hearts content.

    Dave Israel


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