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Monday, August 29, 2016

No Smoking Rules

Was any consideration given to prohibiting smoking along the walking path around C.V.? It is never fun getting a face-full of smoke when jogging or walking around the perimeter. Relying on such a simple courtesy as avoiding smoking where folks are getting exercise does not seem to work.


  1. Get an inch take a mile.... geez, it's out in the fresh air, can't hold your breath for the few seconds it takes to "jog" past a person? I quit some time ago and realize the benefits of quitting, but that is getting just ridiculous.
    Can we get into other things like asking everyone to shower and use deodorant when going to shows or dances? How about changing their Depends when they soil them. That is just as, if not more offensive. Perfumes bother you? Well so does body odor and people that smell like a gas station toilet.
    there are people with medical conditions such as a colostomy bag and it's quite understandable, but please, quit the useless complaining. You already got them banned in pools, and the clubhouse. What's next? If you ban these people, then what if they decide to not pay for services that they are being denied? Then you, the non-smoker will have to pick up the slack financially or start cutting services until everything just collapses.
    Some are being told they can not smoke in their own home. If you buy a property, you have the right to do what want in the privacy of your own home.

  2. Unlike the other offensive things you noted, none of them have been proven to cause lung cancer. Second hand smoke does. Smokers have every right to take their chances. For others, they do not want to assume that risk.

  3. There are millions of particles in the air that are carcinogenic that have nothing to do with smoking. Breath and you take the risk. Should you walk around with big filters on your face everywhere you go? Of course not. Would I want smoking anywhere near my mother, no, But I don't take her near anyone that smokes. Complaining about someone smoking outside is like complaining about a single fish pooping in a lake. There is a lot more water water to break down the poop so it goes unnoticed. In an enclosed room, yeah, I would complain, but outside, that is just ignorance on how things dissipate in the air. Let me give you another example... Three Mile Island to Chernobyl. Radiation was leaked into the air on both places, More so on the latter. Both had carcinogenic radiated particles in the air, but did it reach CVWPB? Neither had, why? Dissipation in the air. A smoker walking on the perimeter smoking their cigarettes or cigars has about the same effect as Chernobyl has on you now. You may not like the smell (because you know what it smells like and to you that is offensive) but it has very little effect on you otherwise.
    Kind of the way someone doing a vapor, which is water vapor, will not cause you to get cancer, but because you associate it with cigarettes, you get those banned also. Stupid.


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